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International consensus workshop

determining clinical categories & consensus definition of Atrial fibrillation burden
International expert group closed meeting 2023


Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a major risk factor for stroke. Despite substantial advances in both the treatment for AF and the prevention of AF related strokes, fundamental questions on pathophysiological mechanisms, risk assessment, prevention and therapy are still unresolved. There is an unmet medical need for clinically applicable concepts in AF diagnostic workup and individual patient risk evaluation.


Primary Aims: 

  • Developing a consensus statement that defines the concept of AF burden as a clinically applicable principle to inform clinical evaluation in regard to diagnostic value, risk assessment and therapeutic options.

Secondary Aims: 

  • Addressing key questions that help to define the scope of AF burden,
  • Developing a platform and structure for interdisciplinary expert discussion and consensus process for subsequent topics.


Scientific program nucleus

John Camm
John Camm
Wolfram Doehner
Wolfram Doehner
Giuseppe Boriani
Giuseppe Boriani
Karl Georg Haeusler
Karl Georg Haeusler
Tatjana Potpara
Tatjana Potpara


20 internationally renowned experts in AF and stroke prevention with high clinical and academic standing. A full time in-person attendance is required to ensure recognition of consensus voting (no
late arrival or early departure).


Industry partners with an interest in the topic will be invited: 

  • to observe the academic exchange
  • to contribute to the debate in selected aspects

Program Logistics

Two half days (afternoon – morning) with 2-3 sessions per half day, each addressing a specified topic (key question) in a defined structure:

  • A kickstart presentation to introduce the topic and the unmet need (8 min max, invited presenter)
  • Open discussion round the table (all)
  • Presentation of the key question and options for a consensus (session chair)
  • Discussion of the consensus options (all)
  • Voting on a consensus for each question (all)

The final session will address the consensus statement on a clinical definition of AF burden.

  • Impulse presentation to summarise the unmet need and the discussed key questions
  • Propose a clinical definition of AF burden (session chair)
  • Discussion and Voting for a consensus (all)


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